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Digital Media Manager

Working with Derek Gillette and his team was a great opportunity for me to continue expanding my Digital Marketing and Web skills into the Real Estate industry.

During my time working at Gillette & Associates (dg & Associates) I was able to bring some very important projects to live. Key elements and additions to the website to increase traffic and exposure. I really enjoyed optimizing the website as well as restructuring some sections. In one year had an organic increase of 483% more impression on search results. 334% more clicks and an improvement of 34% on the website’s average position.

01.  Web Optimization & DesignWeb Optimization Services

Develop, design and implement new content throughout the website.
Monitoring site’s performance and optimize it as needed.

02.  Digital MarketingDigital Marketing - Customer Interaction

As a Digital Media Manager, I oversaw the company’s digital media efforts; Websites, email marketing and social media platforms.

03.  SEO & SEMSEO - Search Results

Plan and execute all digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM).

Below are examples with links to some of the sections that I restructured and designed during my time at dg & Associates.

Derek Gillette Website example
Derek Gillette Website example
Derek Gillette Website
Derek Gillette Website

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