Nanaimo Homes

Digital Media Manager

Working with Derek Gillette and his team was a great opportunity for me to continue expanding my Digital Marketing and Web skills into the Real Estate industry. I really enjoyed optimizing the website and implementing SEO and as well as restructuring some sections.

01.  Web Optimization & DesignWeb Optimization Services

Develop, design and implement new content throughout the website.
Monitoring site’s performance and optimize them as needed.

02.  Digital MarketingDigital Marketing - social media

As a Digital Media Manager, I oversaw the company’s digital media efforts; Websites, email marketing and social media platforms.

03.  SEOSearch Engine Optimization

Plan and execute all digital marketing. Implement search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research and tracking, XML sitemap optimization and more.

Below are examples with links to some of the sections that I restructured and designed during my time at Nanaimo Homes.

Nanaimo Homes - Real Estate website optimization
Nanaimo Homes - Real Estate website optimization

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