Dai Renton

Digital Media Marketing | Web Performance Specialist

"I’m passionate about user experience, web performance and search engine optimization. I have carefully designed this audit to provide you with crucial information and insights about your website and brand authority".

Website & Brand Audit

The Website + Brand audit will include my recommendations about: UX Design, Performance, SEO and Brand Authority. Increase traffic, visibility, optimize content, speed, Crawlability, mobile UX and web security. Make sure your website is welcoming to your customers and accessible to Google and other search engines.


Are you thinking of investing in ads and online campaigns to increase traffic and generate leads? 

Get the most out your return of investment (ROI) by performing a website + brand audit and take care of what needs to be taken care first. Learn more about your users, so you can tailor your content better and engage with the right customer. The website + brand audit focuses on key factors that will help your business improve lead generation and conversion rate (More leads, more sales).

UX Design

The UX Design audit will show you how your website is interacting with your users. Identify potential usability issues and help you increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions (More Leads + Sales). I will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations on creating an easier and more seamless user journey.


Don’t just have a pretty website that takes too long to load or is not optimized for browsers. Knowing how your website performs is very important. I will be assessing your website; responsiveness,  load time, scripts and image optimization to mention some. The audit will include diagnostics and recommendations to help you improve performance.

SEO & Brand

This portion of the audit focuses on how well search engines can access your website. I will help you identify which keywords is your website currently ranking organically. In addition to understand, where is your brand standing next to local and online competitors? I will dive into your brand authority, social media exposure, backlinks and more.